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independent graphic designer Rieme Gleijm

Graphic Design is about visual communication. A design does not only assemble information, but adds something to it. The design gives face to the content. It makes you want to pick it up, makes it legible to read, translating the information in an accesssible & attractive way.

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What do you want to say and which is the best way to do it? To help the content
and design strengthen each other I need to know the subject. What are the essential points that have to come forward? What is the character of the information? Which content is already available? From these elements originates a concept that forms the basis for the design.

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To create a design from concept I find it important to be involved through the whole design process. From the initial idea to final product. I specialize in designing through to print, especially editorial design (books, catalogues, reports, brochures...). In combination with providing a good solution of text and image, the form should be defined by the choice of materials. The result will create an object itself beyond the surface

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